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Deepak Majeti


  • Add documentation for :ref:complex types writers<outputs-write>.

Core Library

  • Add support for INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND Presto type.
  • Allow cast between DATE and TIMESTAMP types.
  • Allow cast from JSON to scalar, ARRAY, and MAP types.
  • Add :ref:GroupIdNode<group-id-node> and GroupId operator to support aggregations over grouping sets.
  • Add support for function signatures with DECIMAL input and return types using flex and bison to evaluate formulas for calculating the return precision and scale based on input precisions and scales.
  • Add support for conversion of DuckDB DECIMALS to Velox DECIMALS.
  • Add support for running tasks on the caller's thread.
  • Fix expression evaluation to disable sub-expression optimization for non-deterministic functions.

Presto Functions

  • Add :func:degrees, :func:e, and :func:sha512 functions.
  • Add aggregate function :func:map_union.
  • Optimize :func:zip for the case when all arrays are flat and the same size.
  • Extend :func:plus, :func:minus functions to support DATE, INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND argument types.

Hive Connector

  • Add support for reading files from HDFS.
  • Add limited ORC support.
  • Optimize NOT IN (<list of integers>) filters pushed down into DWRF reader.

TPC-H Connector

  • Add totalParts and partNumber to TpchSplit.

Performance and Correctness

  • Add q3 to TPC-H benchmark.
  • Add utility to benchmark dataset generation speed to TPC-H connector.
  • Optimize constant aggregation mask.
  • Optimize VectorWriter for a subset of simple functions that return strings.
  • Optimize DictionaryVector wrapping LazyVector to load only necessary rows.

Debugging Experience

  • Separate the user exception stack from the runtime exception stack trace collection control.


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