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Velox: The Unified Execution Engine Now Available

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We are extremely excited to introduce Velox as an open-source project, with a mission to define common standards for modular data processing systems. Velox provides reusable, extensible, high-performance, and dialect-agnostic data processing components for building execution engines, and enhancing data management systems. We envision Velox to be the defacto execution engine for Arrow-compatible data format powering ML and Analytical workloads.

The Velox team has been partnering with companies such as Ahana, Intel, and Voltron Data as well as various academic institutions to accelerate innovation and development in the data management industry.

Looking at the future, we believe Velox’s unified and modular nature has the potential to disrupt the data management industry. It will allow us to deepen our partnership with hardware vendors and proactively adapt our unified software stack as hardware advances. We believe that modularity and reusability are the future of database system development and hope a vibrant open source community will help us in this journey.

Quick Introduction -

If you are excited to learn what’s under the hood, refer to the Velox research paper.

If you are interested in contributing, visit our Contributing guide on Github. For technical discussions and exploring what’s happening within our community, refer to the discussions section.

We will be publishing a series of technical blogs on various topics on our website soon!

For more updates and exciting news follow us on Twitter.